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Researchers propose novel method for plasmonic structural color generation

3 июля, 2020 - 16:48
Researchers have developed a novel direct growth method of vertically orientated nanocavity arrays to generate plasmonic structural colors, which feature wide gamut, improved color saturation, excellent stability in ambient condition and mass-production scalability.
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Enhancing the performance of perovskite solar cells with 'graphene armor'

3 июля, 2020 - 16:40
Researchers have come up with a novel electrode that could greatly improve the stability of perovskite solar cells, the most promising candidate for the next generation solar cells due to their low cost and high power conversion efficiency.
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Ultrathin boron nitride films for next-generation electronics

3 июля, 2020 - 16:29
Researchers have unveiled a novel material that could enable major leaps in the miniaturization of electronic devices.
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New nano-engineering strategy shows potential for improved advanced energy storage

3 июля, 2020 - 12:44
Researchers using a strategy called strain-engineering in 2D materials now say new types of cathodes, suitable for advanced energy storage, can be developed using beyond-lithium ion batteries.
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Microscopic structures could further improve perovskite solar cells

3 июля, 2020 - 12:33
Scientists have found microscopic structures in perovskite crystals that can guide the charge transport in the solar cell. Clever alignment of these electron highways could make perovskite solar cells even more powerful.
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How to get rid of the coffee-stain effect

3 июля, 2020 - 12:24
Previously, researchers discovered that the well-known coffee-stain effect is caused by a remarkable mechanism, showing avalanche-like behavior of particles in a fluid. They now show how to prevent the ring-shaped coffee-stain and get a uniform distribution of the particles instead.
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Harvesting hydrogen from nanogardens

3 июля, 2020 - 09:40
Easily produced, nature-like nanostructures of cobalt phosphide are highly effective catalysts for the electrolysis of water.
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The superiority of single-layer molybdenum disulfide for water desalination

3 июля, 2020 - 09:25
Researchers show that a nanoporous MoS2 membrane allows a higher water flux compared with other 2D materials such as graphene, boron nitride and phosphorene. The team dug deeply into the physical reasons behind why MoS2 performed better than other two-dimensional materials in water desalination processes. Through molecular dynamics simulation, they found out that water density near a MoS2 membrane is lower compared to that near other materials, which indicates that water molecules were more likely to transport through the membrane instead of accumulating around it.
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Towards lasers powerful enough to investigate a new kind of physics

3 июля, 2020 - 07:56
An international team of researchers has demonstrated an innovative technique for increasing the intensity of lasers. This approach, based on the compression of light pulses, would make it possible to reach a threshold intensity for a new type of physics that has never been explored before: quantum electrodynamics phenomena.
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Tiny mineral particles are better vehicles for promising gene therapy

2 июля, 2020 - 19:16
Researchers have developed a safer and more efficient way to deliver a promising new method for treating cancer and liver disorders and for vaccination -- including a COVID-19 vaccine.
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Integrating variable signals in hydrogels

2 июля, 2020 - 17:27
Scientists sought to form longer-lifetime response complexes in a hydrogel and use those longer responses to produce unique reactions in the hydrogel.
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Designing better holograms - Nanofabrication adds complexity to optical electronic devices

2 июля, 2020 - 17:19
Researchers demonstrated novel ways to design and build materials for controlling light. The new materials have two layers of metasurfaces.
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Thermophones offer new route to radically simplify array design, research shows

2 июля, 2020 - 16:58
Scientists have pioneered a new technique to produce arrays of sound produced entirely by heat.
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Printed flexible electronics bring us one step closer to smart clothing

2 июля, 2020 - 16:50
Researchers have developed a new system of electrodes that can be implemented into our clothing and withstand our daily routines.
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Flexible carbon nanotube material shows potential for use in fabrics to heat, cool

2 июля, 2020 - 16:41
A new study finds that carbon nanotube film has a combination of thermal, electrical and physical properties that make it an appealing candidate for next-generation smart fabrics.
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The lightest shielding material in the world

2 июля, 2020 - 10:21
Researchers have succeeded in applying aerogels to microelectronics: Aerogels based on cellulose nanofibers can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation over a wide frequency range ? and they are unrivalled in terms of weight.
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Spintronics: Faster data processing through ultrashort electric pulses

2 июля, 2020 - 10:14
Physicists developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and erased very quickly.
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A path to new nanofluidic devices applying spintronics technology

2 июля, 2020 - 10:08
Substantial increase in the energy conversion efficiency of hydrodynamic power generation via spin currents.
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Researchers observe branched flow of light for the first time

1 июля, 2020 - 19:34
Researchers coupled a laser beam to a soap membrane, which contains random variations in membrane thickness. They discovered that when light propagates within the soap film, rather than being scattered, the light forms elongated branches, creating the branched flow phenomenon for light.
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Laser takes pictures of electrons in crystals

1 июля, 2020 - 19:24
Light microscopes cannot discern how electrons are distributed among atoms in solids. A new type of a light microscope, the Picoscope, that allows overcoming this limitation.
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