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Single atoms as catalysts

2 сентября, 2019 - 16:12
Incorporating individual metal atoms into a surface in the right way allows their chemical behavior to be adapted. This makes new, better catalysts possible.
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Particles moving faster in a crowd

31 августа, 2019 - 07:26
Cell particles move more quickly through a crowded cellular environment when the crowding molecules are non-uniformly distributed.
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Ultrathin 3-D-printed films convert energy of one form into another

30 августа, 2019 - 18:18
Low-cost piezoelectric films produce voltage when under strain, could be used for flexible electronic components and more.
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A new model of heat transfer in crystals

30 августа, 2019 - 16:34
Scientists suggested a model describe the distribution of heat in ultrapure crystals at the atomic level.
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A new technique for making exciting metal oxide frameworks

30 августа, 2019 - 16:24
Researchers have developed new materials that can absorb and release small molecules, and it can be controlled by shining light on it.
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Nanodiamonds as platform for therapy and diagnosis of brain diseases

30 августа, 2019 - 14:25
Scientists have investigated the suitability of a system based on nanodiamonds as diagnostic and therapeutic method for brain diseases.
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Simple synthesis of seeds for standardised carbon nanotubes

30 августа, 2019 - 13:17
Researchers have developed a method for assembling these complex molecules from a small number of segments.
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Topological superconductivity studied in thin films

30 августа, 2019 - 10:11
A composite material reveals the relationship between superconductivity and exotic electronic states that could be useful in quantum computers.
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Spin-to-electric charge conversion at an interface enables detection of spiraling light

30 августа, 2019 - 10:04
The interface between a metal and an oxide creates the right conditions for optically controlling electrons.
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Nanostructured material with potential for use in catalyzers

30 августа, 2019 - 08:50
Researchers developed a titanium oxide nanofiber sheet through electrospinning and atomic layer deposition.
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Researchers demonstrate first all-metamaterial optical gas sensor

30 августа, 2019 - 08:40
Researchers developed the first fully-integrated, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas sensor enabled by specially engineered synthetic materials known as metamaterials. The sensor has no moving parts, requires little energy to operate and is among the smallest NDIR sensors ever created.
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Smarter experiments for faster materials discovery

30 августа, 2019 - 08:15
Scientists created a new AI algorithm for making measurement decisions; autonomous approach could revolutionize scientific experiments.
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Directional plasmon excitation at molecular scales

30 августа, 2019 - 07:58
Scientists have developed a method for directional excitation of plasmons at molecular length scale with electrically driven sources.
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Atomically packed boundaries resist cracking

29 августа, 2019 - 20:01
Researchers used high energy X-rays to image the crack and also the grains inside a material in terms of size, shape, and position. Importantly, the new advances also determine the crystallographic orientation of the atomic arrangements in each grain.
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Theory reveals the nature of crystals defects (of silicon carbide)

29 августа, 2019 - 17:26
Imperfections of crystal structure, especially edge dislocations of an elongated nature, deeply modify basic properties of the entire material and, in consequence, drastically limit its applications. Using silicon carbide as an example, physicists have shown that even such computationally demanding defects can be successfully examined with atomic accuracy by means of a cleverly constructed, small in size, model.
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Engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

29 августа, 2019 - 14:46
New approach harnesses the same fabrication processes used for silicon chips, offers key advance toward next-generation computers.
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Nanostructured beetle scales hold secret to creating sustainable paint from recycled plastic

29 августа, 2019 - 12:13
The structure of ultra-white beetle scales could hold the key to making bright-white sustainable paint using recycled plastic waste, scientists have discovered.
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Nanoparticles 'click' immune cells to make a deeper penetration into tumors

29 августа, 2019 - 09:24
Scientists reported a novel targeting strategy that allows deep tumor penetration of drug-loaded nanoparticles. They induced the linking of immune cell-targeting antibodies to drug-loaded nanoparticles on the cells, instead of taking them up in the cells or using antibody-nanoparticle conjugates.
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Advances in carbon nanotechnology first steps in dramatic climate change mitigation

29 августа, 2019 - 09:10
A new study provides a several hundred-fold advance in stopping the release of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. This ground-breaking advance utilizes CO2 in producing carbon nanotubes which when, added to materials such as concrete or steel, forms composites with significantly better properties.
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Nanotechnology and the concept of friction

29 августа, 2019 - 08:52
The precise mechanisms underlying friction at the nanoscale are still not completely understood. While gears, bearings, and liquid lubricants can reduce friction in the macroscopic world, the origins of micro-and nanoscale friction for small devices require other solutions. This primer explains the concept of friction, in nature and man-made systems, especially at the nanoscale. It then discusses a new class of 'smart' materials with the ability to modulate the friction of a surface.
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