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'Blinking' nanocrystals may convert CO2 into fuels

16 июля, 2020 - 13:07
Unusual nanoparticles could also benefit the quest to build a quantum computer.
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Graphene-adsorbate van der Waals bonding memory inspires 'smart' graphene sensors

16 июля, 2020 - 11:04
To clarify the bonding retention of adsorbed gas molecules on graphene with and without electric field tuning, scientists monitored the time-dependent vdW interaction decay of adsorbed CO2 molecules on graphene at different electric fields.
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New material mimics strength, toughness of mother of pearl

16 июля, 2020 - 10:46
Researchers have made a material with interlocked mineral layers that resembles nacre and is stronger and tougher than previous mimics.
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The world's lightest mirror is made of only a monolayer of 200 atoms

16 июля, 2020 - 08:54
Physicists succeed at engineering an optical mirror made of only a few hundred atoms. It is the lightest one in the world and even imaginable.
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Ultra-fast extreme ultraviolet lasers open window into the nanoworld

15 июля, 2020 - 20:15
Researchers have used ultra-fast extreme ultraviolet lasers to measure the properties of materials more than 100 times thinner than a human red blood cell.
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New technology prolongs blood circulation for virtually any nanomedicine, boosting therapeutic efficiency

15 июля, 2020 - 20:06
Scientists have developed a breakthrough technology to resolve a key problem that has prevented the introduction of novel drugs into clinical practice for decades.
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Higher-order topology found in 2D crystal

15 июля, 2020 - 17:06
The research team took a new approach by using the Josephson junctions to spatially resolve the supercurrent flow and to show that WTe2 does indeed appear to have hinge states and be a higher-order topological insulator.
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The smallest micro-gripper, grown on optical fibers, is operated remotely with light

15 июля, 2020 - 16:59
The 200-micrometer gripers are controlled remotely, without electric wiring or pneumatic tubing, with green light delivered through the fibers - absorbed light energy is directly converted into the gripper jaws' action.
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Using magnetic worms to engineer nanoscale communication systems

15 июля, 2020 - 16:52
Researchers have shown that electromagnetic waves coupled to precisely engineered structures known as artificial ferromagnetic quasicrystals allow for more efficient information transmission and processing at the nanoscale. Their research also represents the first practical demonstration of Conway worms, a theoretical concept for the description of quasicrystals.
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Scientists identify new 2D material with potential for brain-like computing

15 июля, 2020 - 12:48
The work demonstrates the effectiveness of a design strategy that functionalizes a 2D material with an organic molecule.
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The force necessary to kill a single bacterium

15 июля, 2020 - 12:40
Scientists quantify the forces that cause critical damage on a single bacterium E.coli under physiological conditions using two combined techniques: AFM nanoindentation and fluorescence imaging.
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A nanomaterial path forward for COVID-19 vaccine development

15 июля, 2020 - 11:13
Nanoengineers detail the current approaches to COVID-19 vaccine development, and highlight how nanotechnology has enabled these advances.
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Nanocomposites with rich oxygen vacancies promote sensitive electroanalysis of heavy metal ions

15 июля, 2020 - 10:49
Researchers developed ruthenium-loaded cerium dioxide nanocubes with rich oxygen vacancies to construct electrochemical sensing interface, which was used to detect Hg(II).
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Unusual state of matter holds promise for transformative quantum technologies

15 июля, 2020 - 10:36
New research provides evidence of a highly unusual quantum state, a quantum spin liquid for potential use in the development of spintronic devices, quantum computers and other transformative quantum technologies.
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Turning hair into water sensors

15 июля, 2020 - 10:29
Researchers synthesised carbon dots from human hair waste which can detect trace amounts of chloroform in water, a major by-product of water disinfection.
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International collaboration unlocks van der Waals heterostructure

15 июля, 2020 - 10:21
Researchers designed and fabricated a heterostructure comprising two layered transition metal dichalcogenides. Such a heterojunction enables multifunctional operation - as a highly-responsive, high-speed photodetector as well as a photovoltaic device with large open-circuit voltage.
Категории: Nano planet

Scientists construct 'DNA droplets' comprising designed DNA nanostructures

15 июля, 2020 - 10:01
The droplets exhibit dynamic functions such as fusion, fission, Janus-shape formation, and protein capture. Their technique is expected to be applicable to a wide variety of biomaterials, opening doors to many promising applications in materials design, drug delivery, and even artificial cell-like molecular systems.
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Researchers develop 'dielectrophoretic tweezer' technology for toxic nanoparticles

15 июля, 2020 - 09:06
Technology developments for 'nanogap electrodes' to purify various ultra-fine floating particles in the air and water. Scalable massive methodology control makes application in the environmental and medical sciences possible.
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New lithium battery charges faster, reduces risk of device explosions

15 июля, 2020 - 00:50
Researchers have invented a technology that can prevent lithium batteries from heating and failing.
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The new tattoo: Drawing electronics on skin

15 июля, 2020 - 00:43
Engineers discover the possibility of using pencils to draw bioelectronics on human skin.
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